DigitalCast EP.16 – 5 Miles – Facebook Sucks – FOX News –

Here is Episode 16 FINALLY. Don’t wine and cry at me about it being late, or whatever. I just don’t care. Literally. I don’t.



Here is my Families Zombie Halloween From Last year:

It’s awesome… I know.. Don’t copy us.

We mention of Facebook blows now a days. That’s about it. Wanna delete our profiles? Wanna start a campaign to get people to delete their profiles? We could probably get 10-15 people to delete… Cause that’s how many fans we have…

Here is the story Eric talked about.

Really cool story, making a difference raising REAL money to fight against cancer. Cause Cancer sucks, and it pisses me off.

I hate the Tambourine. I’m glad this happened. This is from Jaime’s story.


Thanks for listening everyone! Spread the word! If you like farts, and burps, and retardation.






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